Getting from one end of Nassau County & Suffolk County to the other is already a time-consuming process. Want to know what takes even longer? Moving! You know—packing up all your belongings and changing properties. It’s exhausting work, so why not let someone else do it for you? At Low Price Junk Removal & Top Value Movers, our moving services make it so you can go somewhere else in our service area without lifting a finger. We also have storage services for your convenience, too!


“Where can I find local movers near me?” Right here at Low Price Junk Removal & Top Value Movers! Thanks to our team, it’s no longer difficult to change where you’re living or where you’re operating your business. We have an enormous truck, and it’s perfect for shuttling your belongings from place to place. Give us a call, and we’ll be there soon to load up our vehicle. We also provide packing services, so count on us to box up your things. We’ll take appropriate care with fragile items, too.

Once our truck is loaded up, we can scoot along to your new property. We’re ready to travel out to anywhere within our service radius! Upon arrival, we’ll unload our truck, unpack, and help you move items in. It sure beats moving on your own, huh?

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As a junk removal business, we specialize in getting rid of our customers’ clutter. This is precisely why you can rely on us to remove every last item from your old property. Whether it’s in Holbrook or another nearby location, we’ll make sure that anything you don’t want to bring to your new space is disposed of properly.

Additionally, we will sweep up behind ourselves and double-check for any forgotten items. Expect us to peek in the basement, attic, and even crawl spaces for easily overlooked belongings. We want the property to look its best so the next occupants are thrilled by it!

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Sometimes, you’ll need to move items out of a property, but you won’t have a new property lined up to relocate them to. When this happens, don’t panic. We are unique among your local moving companies because we provide storage space to our customers as well. For example, our furniture movers can hold on to your sofas, entertainment centers, and dressers for a while, as well as many of your other belongings, too.

Whatever you need out of our storage and moving services, we encourage you to contact us online. That way, we can learn how to help you sooner rather than later. Our team is excited to get to know you, so see you before too long!

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